The modern force requires high-endurance, high-density electrical power in order to ensure effectiveness of expeditionary missions. The dismounted Soldier is progressively required to carry more sophisticated electronic hardware while platforms and forward operating installations are increasingly being equipped with cutting-edge, power-demanding technology.

Military Power Systems 2018 will identify innovative solutions to allow efficient power supply, distribution, and management. The objective of the conference is to evolve participants’ understanding of methods to power the frontline and enhance energy efficiency, power generation, storage, and management at the unit level, across platforms and facilities.

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Top Benefits of Attending

Unlock the potential for energy efficiency and renewable energies for infrastructures at home, temporary installations, and forward operating bases

Lighten the Soldier’s physical load and increase operational mobility be exploring conformal wearable technology, rechargeable batteries, and energy harvesting

Attain energy resilience and move towards net zero installations by optimising power management by incorporating smart grids

Upgrade situational awareness, extend silent watch, and accelerate mobility in different operating environments through platform hybridisation and integration of lithium-ion batteries

Develop interoperable, smaller, lighter, and more powerful energy architectures for the future force

Improve operational energy efficiency and reduce footprint of deployed troops

Enhance fuel to electricity conversion and wireless power distribution by gaining an understanding of current experimentation and meeting lading solution providers

Increase the endurance of unmanned platforms by powering them with higher power Li-ion batteries and incorporating alternative propulsion systems

Who Should Attend

End-User Community:


Subject matter experts developing power generation and power management solutions for military applications 


Engineering and Logistics specialists working on energy efficiency

Researchers innovating power generation across installations, platforms, and soldiers


Government officials setting the trajectory for energy resiliency 



Leading industry providing power generation technologies to militaries


Solution-providers developing batteries for unmanned platforms and dismounted Soldiers


Industry engaged in power management and alternative energy sources

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